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Medical penis stretcher – extends width and girth quickly safely!

In current times the penis has become more and more important as both a symbol of male virility and power.For years, men had no way to enhance or augment their appearance short of painful and unproven techniques.

x4labs review

Eventually, medical specialists devised ingenious methods for penis stretching and lengthening, unfortunately often by employing expensive and cumbersome devices.

Nearly all men are to embarrassed to go to such specialists. Most men fear the horrible devices they may be asked to endure. That is why the people at X4 Labs, have designed a revolutionary device that can be simply and safely used at home – with exceptional results!

The X4 Extender uses the same proven technology and methods for stretching limbs as conventional medical traction devices, but applies it to enlarging the length and girth of the penis.

The engineers at X4 Labs have perfected a penis stretcher method unlike any other. Using the simple laws of physics, a strong tractive force is applied. In order to maximize comfort, we have designed wide silicone straps (our exclusive “Super Comfort Strap”) to gently and firmly hold the penis in place while applying up to 1800g (3.9lbs) of tractive force.

This, coupled with easy to follow instructions is guaranteed, to bring you permanent results while providing you with peace of mind.

Enhance your length and girth safely and quickly in the privacy of your own home!

An online survey about the reason men give up on penis stretchers determined that uncomfortable nooses was the leading cause. In a recenty industry study, 73% of penis extender customers not only gave up after trying various types of nooses, but in addition, spent hundreds of dollars prior to resigning themselves that there is nothing more comfortable and usable on the market.

This is where we have the edge: Our #1 priority in creating the X4 Extender was effectiveness AND functionality. We would never offer rigid, non-medical grade rubber tubes.

The size of your penis is entirely up to you!

Why Choose X4Labs?

Naturally, other companies have jumped on the bandwagon and created similar types of devices. What they never took into account was long term usage. There is no point in trying a product that provides no extended comfort. The X4 penis stretcher is a result of years of testing to offer this one-of-a-kind tool that you will want to wear for hours on end. You can read more testimonials and reviews, I would recommend this review of the X4Labs penis extender here.

It is no one’s decision but yours. Just remember that big penises are not given to everyone, and for some, long, hard work is essential in achieving permanent results. The more comfortable the device, the less it will seem like work, and the more results you will see, quickly, and safely!

So if you are finally serious about having that bigger penis you always wanted, consider trying the best doctor-approved permanent penis stretching treatment on the market. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

A Distinct Advantage

Due to escalating demand for our X4 Penis Stretcher, we are able to provide you with the super comfort strap at no extra charge.

Not only is the X4 Extender the first of its kind in North America, it is made in the USA and endorsed by world renowned physicians, making it truly the King of Extenders. The X4 Extender is now available in the UK from authorised dealers.

Wholesale: If you are interested in selling the X4 Extender please contact us

x4 labs guarantee

PeniMaster Pro review

I am sure you have all experienced that awkward feeling, in a dressing room at the gym or sports club, see the size of other guys and thinking to yourself, “Why am I not that big ?” I have known men that develop serious mental issues because the are too small.

There is a solution to this though. Penis enlargement, make your penis bigger, permanantly. It does have advantages, not just for you but for your partner as well.

One of the biggest advantages is the boost to your confidence. That awesome feeling you get when you KNOW you are a man. An above average man for that matter and you don’t have to wait for everyone to leave before you hit the showers at the gym.

Your partner will also be happy about the added pleasure and it will do wonders for your relationship. I have seen marriages or relationships get ruined as a result of a bad love life.

Bear in mind that Penis Enlargement, like any other, has to be done after you have consulted with your medical practitioner. Someone you trust and have build up a relationship with. If the operation goes awry damage can be permanent and that is something now man wants ! Also be sure that you have discussed this with your partner and that you both agree that it will be benificial to your relationship. You don’t want to ruin a good thing by being selfish.

So there you have it. Penis Enlargement is the way to go if you feel insecure about your size and think that you have to be bigger. Think it through and discuss with men that has gone through the procedure to see if it is right for you. Weigh up the pro’s and con’s and make the right choice.

The penimaster pro is one of the many penis extender tools out there. You may have probably come across some reviews that deem the tool as not being functional enough for use. Upon taking the feedback of other users and also based on my own opinion as well, all I can say is that there is more to this German-made penis extender than you may be aware of. In this penimaster pro review, you are going to have an in-depth knowledge on the tool.

As it is expected to do, penimaster pro will give you the desired length gain upon being used correctly; in addition to this, your person will get a little bit thicker since based on the biology of the human body, there is bound to be an increase in girth with length increase. Considering the feedback of men that have tried out different penis extenders in the past, the feedback on this tool was quite positive.

What makes penimaster pro different from the rest?

This penimaster pro review does consider the client feedback and considering the rival companies, people that used penimaster did not have an increase in length and girth but what made the tool likeable and most preferred is the fact that it offers much comfort.

Most companies will try to win clients by convincing them that their extenders are 100% pain free which is not the case; what differs is the nature of comfort that you’ll get upon using their products.

Standing out as the best choice, the mechanism upon which this German penis extender works is pretty much like that of the other tools for the same purpose in the market. Penimaster pro however combines all the best features of the other tools and in the long run, you are going to get faster results in a shorter span of time.


How does the penimaster pro work?

Just as much as it is clearly known that nothing good comes without being worked hard for, getting to give a bigger Johnson will definitely demand your effort and dedication.

You’ll first need to secure the tip of your penis into the glans chamber of the tool; before this however, you’ll be needed to create a partial vacuum in the glans chamber with the aid of either the pump ball or the hose. In the latter, you’ll create a vacuum upon sucking air from the glans chamber via your mouth. The good thing about the glans chamber is that unlike the hard noose, blood circulation will not be hampered.

For the belts, one end of it will be needed to be either around your waist, your lower thigh or on your shoulder based on where you are most comfortable with and the other to the end of the glans chamber so as to be able to exert the pulling force on your penis. Alternatively, you can also use the extender rods; for these, you’ll be needed to have the end of the extender rod attached to the glans chamber.

Most people would prefer to use the extender rods which are also recommended except that upon using penimaster pro, you can find another review here, you’ll not have to tolerate the irritation and discomfort of a hard noose.

MaleEdge extender review

Are you troubled by the size of your penis and looking for a solution? well, you should know that there has been many theories in regard to the matter.Some of the methods that have been used had either ended up wrong, caused harm to the victim or even permanent damage. The penis is a vital organ in a male body, and as they say the bigger the better.

Here are penis tips on penis extenders and how they work:

Many herbs are known contain some substances which are known to increase the blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow enhances firm and hard erection. this greatly aid in sexual hyperactivity and satisfaction is attained easily. Fruits like the watermelon are known to contain an amino-acid known as citruline which is converted to arginine. Arginine causes blood vessels dilation and increased blood flow. surgery may also be an option for enlargement.

The size really matters and you should not go for anything less than what you feel is the best for you. The devices that perform enlargement has been designed well and has been proven to work to the best. They are available in the market and all you have to do is grab one for yourself. Penistraction is one such method that helps in extending the penis without causing surgery or even injuries. Stretching the cells in the soft muscle causes them to divide and consequently increase in size.

There has been an increased number of men using the penis enlargement products. Traction penis enlargers have been the best. The JES extender range, Male edge penis extender and Androchemical extender range are some of the traction types.The exercise has therefore been made easier, effective, and cost effective for those who wish to see amazing results by seeing the size of the penis grow in both length and width.


Male Edge extender is a high quality traction-based penis enlarger. To elongate your penis, you attach the device and fine-tune to a proper extending force. Over time the tissues of your penis will accommodate the traction force being applied and therefore increases in size. There are three versions of the device: Pro, Extra and Basic. The design in all the versions is the same and all comes in zipped enclosure. The only difference is the addition of some extras. The Basic version is the cheapest followed by Extra and finally Pro which is the most expensive.

This device provides enduring penis growth and can be worn under clothing. It can be used by every man whether circumcised or uncircumcised. Furthermore, there is no strict usage routine required. These devices accommodate all sizes of the penis and is recommended to be used by only adults aged 18 and above. When you want to use it, you don’t need any approval from the doctor as it does not affect your sexual habits. They also offer good value and can correct penis curvatures.

The device comes pre-assembled; therefore there is nothing to do but to adjust it to fit on your penis. Male edge integrates a trouble free nifty locking adjustment mechanism. It’s fast to attach and remove from your penis and thus easy to use. Whether you are circumcised or not the strap can be placed on top of the foreskin or behind the glans.

The cool feature here is the traction indicators. Every adjustment has a built-in indicator that shows the extent of traction applied. This appliance cannot deliver the outcomes within a day; it should be worn for several weeks. Although the pads and the rubber strap are durable, you may need to replace them over time due to various reasons. Therefore i personally suggest that Pro version is the best because it has everything that you will need for several weeks of continuous penis enlargement.

Enlargement extenders:


Penis enlargement (manhood) involves sequences of events and techniques aiming at increasing the length, stamina and cinch of the male human reproductive physical organ the penis. It involves different types of techniques which includes use of some drugs, physical modification e.g. surgery and natural exercise all with the common goal increasing the size of the penis.

Natural penis method

This is believed to be the oldest method of penis enlargement with zero side effects compared with the rest of the methods. Its effectiveness has not yet been given. It involves a series of exercises aim at increasing the vasodilatation and blood pressure and flow in and around the man sexual organ. It aims at training and exposing the penis to long period of erection hence elongation.

Surgery method

The damage here causes permanent penis enlargement .it involves the destruction of ligaments that hold the penis on a normal position and with time, the sexual organ then descend.

Artificial method (cylinder-pump method)

The most common practice carried out in artificial penis enlargement is the penis cylinder pump. A motor pump is fitted to the penis. The pump sucks out air around the penis and hence creates a vacuum zone this therefore consequently draws in blood making the penis rigid and hard. This method is believed to be a temporary cure of importance.

Use of pills

This is mostly most popular open prescription, the pills go in to the body inform of in form of ointments and pieces. This is the most current method with the pills available on order through a world wide web. Most dealers are therefore not sure on the side effects but they believe to be harmless to human if taken through a given method.


There is no proven method best in increasing the size and exposing the sexual organs regularly to exercises only add to it length the penis will only increase its length and cinch. The exercise also maintains and increases its rigidity and stamina in bed. Most natural method help fight prostate cancer and so far no scientifically proven method to be the best.

Jes Extender review 2018

The particular Jes Extender stands out to be the first outstanding worldwide known penis extender during the last ten decades. In the beginning that received a wide criticism because of less performance. The product has been again re launched in the marketplace with better features. This product was a lot better than the existing products used by increasing how huge penis.

This product has been doing well in the marketplace with millions regarding fulfilled customers. This product has been widely marketed around the world. The product has been great invention by a gaggle of scientist who located a permanent solution this challenge.

The most amazing features concerning this product are that, these Jes Extenders are becoming safe to be used on the penile without any negative effects. There is absolutely no medication or drugs utilized in this treatment, and you are able to enjoy unlimited making love joy. One is going to be relaxed and forget about all worries.

Many marriage lives may be successful simply by using a Jes Extenders. Anybody can possibly write the testimonies concerning their own experience and post it in the web. There are many websites which will offer you on the internet assistance. You can even post your questions and it’s going to be replied within 24 a while.

The Jes Extender stands out as the safest product recognized by the world, the traction best is frequently held firmly also it doesn’t slip. The other less costly products slip often and also cause serious injuries. The accessories are usually manufactured with good quality products. You will quickly realize no skin irritations when using this product. Service provider when you incorporate the use of this product is throughout the night; also you can apply it when jogging, walking or working at work.

The screws are crafted from special metals which normally do not rust, one need not be concerned with replacement with the screws, and there is rust free. One should scrub the item after employ; there exists special liquids used by cleaning this unit.

By using Jes Extender the confidence of men has improved of these bedrooms, they absolutely no extended find making love boring. The real Jes Extender creates this penis for a longer time and stronger; this product also aids this blood to flow for the penis. Sex are often very fun whether it is done with very good feeling and exciting, all you should have is a strong and also stiff punishing several guys the penile is shrunk which eventually ends up with less making love performance, it is termed as erectile malfunction. This device can be the best solution for such complications.


One can as well visit online to understand more about this kind of item These Jes Extenders are proven to be excellent for increasing the penis size. Many of the marriages are getting to be a nightmare as a result. There are no medicines just for this treatment; it is possible simply by using a Jes Extender. You want to be very careful if you acquire this item, because there are usually many fake products you should purchase. Always look out for the logo of a crown if you buy this item.

VigRX Plus review

Even when you hold the right partner, the right environment and even the appropriate mind-set, you can not utilize a blissful room tomfooleries when you are hindered with the illness which influences scores of men about the world: erection issues. This truly is known by a few names like weakness, ED and a considerable measure more by an urologist in port st. lucie. This is normally a kind of affliction which brings about sexual deficiency even with time and inclination to have intercourse. It’s not simply baffling while engaging in sexual relations, even so the room soul would wait despite the fact that you may are somewhere else. Having an insufficiently measured penis, fortitude to get or manage erection, inadequacy of longing for sex and stamina all figure to a discriminating insufficient self-esteem and self regard. On the other hand even treated for the best time accurately, such sexual insufficiencies could totally destroy a man both emotionally and mentally.


In case you’re intrigued by redressing your sexual insufficiencies soon paying special mind to suitable items accessible in the business sector, it is exceedingly likely there is found out about Vigrx plus either from a companions or look at it over the net. Since there are more positive surveys about Vigrx plus than unfavorable remarks, you may be thinking to purchase Vigrx plus as well. Likewise with whatever viable medication, house Vigrx plus, you will need to be totally convinced about its viability, reactions, drug reactions, begin of action, plus substantially more. You could get an exhibit of truths about sites on the item, which may provide for you an audit preceding choosing to pay for Vigrx plus. There are gatherings on the subject where real clients offer goodbye to opinion and encounters. Here are some striking focuses which could be useful to you like another client, before you buy Vigrx plus:

Vigrx plus is a penile augmentation pill fabricated from settled common herbs which are accessible for the treatment of male absence of resilience for a long time. The regular fixings of Vigrx plus guarantee augmentation of penile estimations, enhances moxie and empower erections to get managed for a developed duration of time. Vigrx plus contains three additional parts that were found in Vigrx that has been presented prior. Basically the most imperative additions which happens to be activating most individuals to get Vigrx plus will be the inclusion of Bioprene, a proficient hostile to oxidant which turn into an impetus which fortifies the absorption in alternate elements like Tribulus and Damiana which may be likewise tried and attempted herbs.

Before you endeavored to purchase Vigrx plus, you have to be conscious of the negative aspects of the item or administration. Perhaps the firstly such angles is the point at which you are taking a gander at moment gratification, it doesn’t make any sense to get Vigrx plus, since this would not get to be items containing Sildenafil. One great reason because of this may in all likelihood be the manner by which the fixings of Vigrx plus could perhaps have diverse onset of action amongst the clients.

Additional impediment that you decide to should know preceding buying Vigrx plus is it may take a base consumption rate of 2 pills once a day for around Ninety days getting the majority of the critical things about the merchandise. All things considered you would perceive a few upgrades in the sexual execution, including build of penile estimations with the first month of utilization. Indeed you ought not know whether the item suits you on the off chance that you don’t purchase Vigrx plus and utilize it. On the off chance that you are not fulfilled together with the results after admission from the item, the producers guarantee you of full money back discount. This viewpoint might be especially serious for your prerequisites since you’re planning on buying Vigrx plus the first run through.

A hydromax pump review

When you need to improve your sex life by enhancing your penis, Hydromax pump is the product that you should buy when looking for quality. The product has no side effects when compared to others that you can easily buy from the market.


Here is hydromax pump review:

Hydromax pump works in numerous ways to help you improve your sexual life:

First, it works by increasing Penis length when you need to improve your sexual relationship with your partner. When you do increase the length of your penis, you will be able to satisfy your sexual partner easily when looking for the options that the market provides. In addition, it works by increasing your penis girth to satisfy your wife. Many men who have used creasing Penis have been able to improve their relationships from a given level when looking for the options that exists from the market.

For those men who need to optimize their sexual Health, using hydromax pump will enable them to get the best option as opposed to buying the pills that exists from the market. In the end, you should be sure that you would have Stronger and Harder Erections thus satisfying your wife or girlfriend in an amazing way. These benefits makes it among the best rated penis enhancement product that you can buy when looking for that high quality from the market.

You do not need to be an expert to use Hydromax pump when trying to increase your penis size and girth. Through the illustrations, you will be sure that you would get the results that you want within the shortest time. Within 20 minutes, you would have completed a session thus enabling you to improve your sexual performance. This makes it completely safe as well as easy to use.

This hydromax pump review need to act as a guide for those men who would like to transform their sexual experiences with their partners.

How to Avoid Side Effect When Using VigRx Plus

Have you had problems getting an erection even when you are aroused? Or have erections that do not last long enough to satisfy either you or your partner? Or ejaculate earlier than expected? Get tired or lose stamina in the middle of intercourse? These are all common bedroom problems that many men experience.

You’ll find this surprising because not many admit to having them, and understandably so. Problems like the ones mentioned are sensitive ones and the men who suffer from these problems fear that admitting to having them decreases their masculinity.

The more common problem is erectile dysfunction, also called impotence. It is the inability of the man’s penis to become erect even when sexually aroused or to maintain an erection. An erection happens when blood rushes through the man’s penis, triggered by signals from the brain, and the blood is retained in the sponge-like walls of the penis. An erectile dysfunction, then, is when this erection fails and this is normally caused by either physical malfunction (the man’s penis fails to retain the blood that surges through) or a psychological impotence (when the man’s thoughts are not enough to allow the brain to send signals to the nerves and the penis that makes the blood rush towards the penis). The problem, though, is often psychological than physical and there are treatments available for men who experience this problem.


For those actually suffering from a physical impossibility, the solution is even simpler. There are male enhancement drugs such as Vigrx Plus available over the counter and can even be purchased online. Made from natural ingredients, VigRx is a clinically proven solution to erectile dysfunction. It is said to address men’s erection size and frequency, thereby also increasing orgasm and ejaculation control. While it’s tempting to just pop some pills and start improving your sex life with these male enhancement drugs, there are some things to consider before using the product.

Some side effects observed by those taking VigRx include dizziness, nausea, sweaty palms and headaches. These, of course, do not occur to everyone and can easily be avoided if the following steps are done.

Check list of ingredients/formulations. Go through the list of ingredients and find out if there are any that you may be allergic to. If you are known to have an allergic reaction to ginseng, one of the main ingredients of VigRx Plus, it’s best to avoid taking them and find an alternative instead.

Refrain from drinking too much alcohol. Studies have shown that alcohol can interfere with the ingredients found in the drug and may produce different results. It is recommended that those who are taking male enhancement drugs refrain from drinking alcohol while in treatment.

Check with your doctor. The best way to make sure that your male enhancement drug would work for you is to consult your doctor. Consulting your doctor allows you to check if you have existing conditions or ailments that may worsen when the drug is taken. The doctor can also advise you whether any drugs that you currently take or medication that you currently maintain may react adversely with the ingredients found in VigRx or not.

For optimum results, it’s best to get the clearance of your physician. This can help you avoid any possible side effects and can help you enjoy the results of VigRx which, ultimately, can lead to a healthier and more satisfying sex life.

How Penis Enlargement Pills Work

Today, it is important that men have thick large penises to have powerful erections and to increase sexual pleasure for both him and his partner. Penis Enlargement is usually the method they undergo and penis enlargement pills are the miracle solutions. To go further to detail, here we will get a better understanding about how penis enlargement pills work.

The Anatomy of the Penis Enlargement

The penis is located in central pelvis, between the two limbs of a man. The penis has a long shaft and a head where the glans and external meatus are located. On the shaft, you can locate the three erectile tissues responsible for lengthening of the penis while erect. Other physiologic processes of the male organ except for ejaculation, is urination.

Testosterone, the male hormone is produced and fills the cells of the muscle together with blood to become erect. During penile surgery, the ligaments in the shaft will be cut and a synthetic skin is introduced to lengthen the penis.

How Penis Enlargement Pills Work

Other Penis Enlargement Devices

Speculations state that if a man has smaller than 4 inches of a penis, he may be casted off by others and his might cause psychological problems such as low-self-esteem, depression and anxiety, or psychiatric problems such as sexual disorders. Male enhancement techniques that do not require knives and needles are then introduced to the world to make men’s dreams one step reachable.

Non-invasive devices to assist lengthening are penis pumps, penis extenders, ointments and penis enlargement pills. There are also diet and exercise specific to enhancement of penises to stimulate penises growth in length and thickness.

Common Ingredients of Male Enlargements Pills

The efficacy of sex pills depend on the ingredients it contains. Here are some common ingredients:

  • Gingko Biloba– this is a medicinal herb used for treating muscle pain, muscle atrophy, PMS or serious illnesses like dementia. As a sex ingredient, it stimulates alertness and increases the blood circulation for the penile muscles.
  • Ginseng – another famous sex ingredient, ginseng is an herb common in Asia. It is usually used to strengthen one’s stamina, to treat erectile dysfunction, fatigue and other immune-suppressed symptoms.
  • Yohimbe– A herb from Africa, this works like Viagra since it is also considered to be aphrodisiac. It increases blood flow to the penile muscles and strengthen your stamina for a full optimum performance.
  • Spanish Fly– Spanish fly is not an insect but actually, a herbal plant. This ingredient also works as an aphrodisiac to increase the erection capability and duration of the penis.

Why use Penile Enlargement pills?

Penis enhancement pills are referred by men compared to the other non-invasive techniques due to the following reasons:

  • Sex pills do not cost as much as expensive surgeries. Any men can purchase pills in health stores, clinics and even in internet.
  • Enhancements pills are taken anytime, usually with water and after meals. You are not restricted to a particular time of the day. There are also no diets to complement enhancement pills.
  • You can stop the intake anytime. There are no down-sizing since the size increase is already permanent.
  • The increase of the penis depends on the body’s capacity so it won’t be bigger than what you can make of.

Penis Pumps And How They Work

Penis Enlargement PumpPenis pumps are some of the popular devices designed to help men enlarge their penis sizes.

These products have been around for quite some time and have been used by numerous people already. Finding penis pumps should not be a daunting problem and they come in various designs and brands.

However, not all products you run into will depict desirable characteristics. It is therefore important to keenly review the offers but first, you should know penis pumps and how you can use them to achieve your goals.

So what is a penis pump?

Essentially, a penis pump is a device designed to help you enlarge the size of your penis. There are different types of pumps although vacuum penile pumps are the most popular.

It is commonly known as the vacuum constriction device which uses a vacuum to make the penis erect and therefore enlarge its size gradually.

How does it work?

The biggest question people ask about the penis pump is how they work and if they are safe. The product is marketed as a vacuum constriction device. It keeps your penis erect for considerably long period that is sufficient to trick the body into developing this area. The body generally reacts to given stimuli and when you experience increased tension (caused by the vacuum) it immediately reacts by expanding the area. More nutrients and muscle development will occur resulting in a larger penis.

Although many consider the penis pump an outdated solution, it is still highly recommended by urologists. The device mainly comprises of an acrylic tube which uses a pumping mechanism. It can be a squeeze ball, plunger, a hand grip or an electrical device.

As you pump, air leaves the tube creating a vacuum that increases blood flow into the erectile tissues. Once you have an erection, you then push a ring to the base of the penis to lock fluid within the tissues and maintain erection. While some descriptions of penis pumps include spongy, numb, cold and purplish, it is considered very effective and satisfactory for people with ED.

In fact, urologists have used it as the perfect solution in cases where PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra have failed.

Benefits of penis pumps

The advantages of using a penis pump to increase your penile size are quite obvious and straightforward. It is a cost effective way that does not need any reinvestment and can be used over-and-over until you meet your goals.

It also triggers a natural process and the ring can safely help you maintain an erection for much longer. However, pumps are not effective for those who expect sudden increase in penis size.

Rather, it is designed to help you maintain an erection and it is this sustained erection that gradually causes the body to start expanding the erectile tissues. Unlike drugs like Viagra, the pump has no adverse side effect as it is an out-of-the-body procedure. For men with ED (erectile dysfunction), it may become necessary to use the pump each time just like PDE5 inhibitors are used.

However, you do not have to worry about issues of dependence and addiction or other negative effects of using drugs and supplements. If you want penis pumps to increase the length and girth of your penis, then you need to use it three to four times per week for close to four months.

Finding the best pump

There are many different designs of penis pumps in the market ranging from hand pumps to electric devices. Finding one should not consume much time and your urologist can easily refer you to the marketplace.

However, not all such products will meet your needs. Others depict undesirable characteristics and are painful when worn. Some are simply ineffective and have insufficient pumping ability.

It is therefore important to keenly evaluate and review the pumps before spending your money. You should also ensure you purchase from credible licensed businesses that are allowed to operate in the area.



It is important to know the penis pump you have and how they work before using them. The market has several sub-standard products which you risk buying every time you go shopping for such items. This is why it is advisable to carefully review the offers.

This way, you will always land genuine quality products that can meet your needs.

How Male Extra Helps to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

maleextra for erectile dysfunction

It is estimated by the Mayo Clinic, that mild to moderate erectile dysfunction impacts the lives of millions of men in the United States alone. The general rule of thumb is that for every decade of life, 10 percent of men are impacted by the inability or trouble getting or keeping an erection. Case in point, for men that are aged 40, 40 percent of the age group has this problem, with 50 percent of 50 year olds and so on. However, there is an exceptional product called Male Extra that has been shown to significantly reduce the common causes of erectile dysfunction and in many cases, can help prevent it from occurring to you.

Understanding the Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

For those that may not know the facts, here are some important details about ED. The general cause of ED is a reduced amount of consistent blood flow to the penis when a man is sexually aroused. Sexual arousal is a very detailed and complex process that involves multiple body systems including hormones, nerves, brain activity, muscle function and blood vessels. As such, ED can be caused by restrictions or problems with any of these individual systems.

In many cases, a combination of psychological and physical issues can trigger difficulty with getting or maintaining an erection. For example, a mild medical condition that might reduce your response to sexual arousal will often trigger anxiety; which makes the process of getting an erection more complex and difficult. There are also several medical conditions that can lead to erectile dysfunction in men such as diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure and prostate cancer. It’s also quite possible for some common medications to cause issues with arousal and maintaining an erection.

What is Male Extra and what are its Benefits?

Male Extra is a revolutionary male enhancement supplement that is different than prescription medication that treats ED. Due to the potency of the formula and powerful, yet carefully balanced ingredients this product has been clinically proven to significantly reduce many of the common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Some of the common benefits that multiple men notice after taking the recommended dosage of Male Extra include:

Increase in penis size Increases in penis hardness during erection A boost of stamina Enables erection sustainability Increase in sexual drive and bedroom performance Boosts natural testosterone levels

Although everybody is unique and results often vary, across the board, men using this formula tend to notice many of its benefits quickly due to the powerful way in which this proprietary formula works.

How Does Male Extra Work?

The active ingredients in Male Extra works best by increasing blood flow to the penis. In order to obtain an erection, tissues in the male penis must be filled with blood, however if the blood flow is reduced or prevented, erectile dysfunction occurs. When you take the recommended dosage of Male Extra, the natural ingredients go to work to stimulate blood flow to the penis and reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction significantly.

This product contains many ingredients proven to help improve blood flow to the penis including:

  • L-Arginine HCL – One of the most popular ingredients in male enhancement products and supplements is L-Arginine HCL, which when taken, turns into nitric oxide that provides a natural boost to the blood and increases blood flow.

    In one clinical study, the 37 percent of men that had been diagnosed officially with erectile dysfunction experienced a significant improvement getting and maintaining erections by simply taking small recommended dosage of L-Arginine after one month.

  • Pomegranate 40% – There are tons of benefits of pomegranate, one of which is increased blood circulation. In one particular study, people who consumed pomegranate juice once per day for a period of 90 days saw an increase of almost 18% in blood flow.
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) – This product is also referred to as the size king as it has the ability to improve growth of new cells. This allows erections to become stronger and last longer.

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