We are a group of families and professionals in the Lansing, MI area advocating for improved midwifery standards and safer midwifery practices. We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, midwives, doulas, midwife apprentices, nurses, and physicians whose lives have been touched by unsafe midwifery practices in some way.  We hope that through advocacy and education we can improve birth options in our state and enable families to find the safest care possible.

As our group worked hard to learn and answer our own questions about midwifery over the last few years, we realized how difficult it is to track down good information.  We put our heads together to build a website full of resources to help you find the best care possible for your family.  We hope our work will prove useful to you.


We promote safe midwifery practices in Michigan, and enable families to make safe decisions about where and with whom to give birth through education, advocacy, and balanced information.


Our vision for safer midwifery practices includes:

  • Ethical Informed Consent
  • University Level Education, and AMCB Certification for all Midwives
  • Consistent Scope of Practice
  • Licensed Midwives
  • Licensed & Accredited Birth Centers
  • Safety Protocols for Out-of-Hospital Birth
  • Safety Protocols for Transfer of Care
  • Collaborative Care Model(s) working within a Fully Integrated System of Care
  • Liability Insurance for all Midwives
  • Accountability


We value choices under safe circumstances and with responsible caregivers. 

We also value:

  • Safety of Mothers and Babies
  • Safe Birthing Options
  • Professional & Ethical Practices


  • We will enable women and families to make more fully informed, and ultimately safer decisions for themselves as they embark on the journey of pregnancy and childbirth
  • We will offer foundational resources for families who are interested in learning more about midwifery, and the issues that impact safe care
  • We will provide support for families dealing with injury or loss
  • We will advocate for high standards of education and defined scope of practice for every midwife in Michigan
  • We will support legislation that would improve safety while preserving options for families