Considering the care of a midwife?  While the care of a midwife can offer many wonderful features, finding the right care provider can be confusing.  The word “midwife” means many things, especially in Michigan where midwifery practices are unregulated.  There are a number of issues that directly impact safety.  A deep understanding of these issues will enable you to be more fully informed as you make decisions that are best for you and your family.  The information here is meant to help you find safe, reliable care for the journey ahead.

Education & Certification

CNMs, CPMs, DEMs, Lay midwives…What do all the acronyms mean?  Learn more here about educational requirements and different types of certification.


Not all midwives hold the same beliefs about birth.  Learn more about how a midwife’s philosophy can directly impact your safety and care.

Scope of Practice

Does your midwife appreciate her own limitations?  Learn how working within a defined scope of practice protects families.

Risk & Assessments

Risk and assessment are intricately related.  Finding a midwife who values both is imperative when safety is a priority.  Learn more here about the most important assessments and how they impact safety.


Insurance offers another layer of safety guidelines for practice.  It protects midwives and the clients they serve.  Does your midwife carry insurance?

Informed Consent

Being truly informed means a midwife educates her client about all risks involved as well as benefits.  Read more here to ensure you are being fully informed.

Research & Data

ACOG and AAP have issued recent statements regarding the safest way to approach planned home birth.  Read here to ensure you have all of the most important factors covered.

Transfer of Care

Even if the hospital is “only 10 minutes away”, there is so much more to effective transfer of care.  Learn here about the circumstances that neccesitate transfer, how long it takes, and the implications for safety.

State Laws & Licensing

Understanding MI laws and licensing regarding midwifery is vitally important before hiring a midwife.  You might be surprised at how little regulation is in place for those practicing outside a hospital in our state, and what that means for the care you receive.  Read here to learn more.

Birth Centers

“Birth Center” can mean many things.  Learn more here about accredidation, hospital-affilated centers, and freestanding centers before considering the right place for your family.