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Medical penis stretcher – extends width and girth quickly safely!

In current times the penis has become more and more important as both a symbol of male virility and power.For years, men had no way to enhance or augment their appearance short of painful and unproven techniques.

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Eventually, medical specialists devised ingenious methods for penis stretching and lengthening, unfortunately often by employing expensive and cumbersome devices.

Nearly all men are to embarrassed to go to such specialists. Most men fear the horrible devices they may be asked to endure. That is why the people at X4 Labs, have designed a revolutionary device that can be simply and safely used at home – with exceptional results!

The X4 Extender uses the same proven technology and methods for stretching limbs as conventional medical traction devices, but applies it to enlarging the length and girth of the penis.

The engineers at X4 Labs have perfected a penis stretcher method unlike any other. Using the simple laws of physics, a strong tractive force is applied. In order to maximize comfort, we have designed wide silicone straps (our exclusive “Super Comfort Strap”) to gently and firmly hold the penis in place while applying up to 1800g (3.9lbs) of tractive force.

This, coupled with easy to follow instructions is guaranteed, to bring you permanent results while providing you with peace of mind.

Enhance your length and girth safely and quickly in the privacy of your own home!

An online survey about the reason men give up on penis stretchers determined that uncomfortable nooses was the leading cause. In a recenty industry study, 73% of penis extender customers not only gave up after trying various types of nooses, but in addition, spent hundreds of dollars prior to resigning themselves that there is nothing more comfortable and usable on the market.

This is where we have the edge: Our #1 priority in creating the X4 Extender was effectiveness AND functionality. We would never offer rigid, non-medical grade rubber tubes.

The size of your penis is entirely up to you!

Why Choose X4Labs?

Naturally, other companies have jumped on the bandwagon and created similar types of devices. What they never took into account was long term usage. There is no point in trying a product that provides no extended comfort. The X4 penis stretcher is a result of years of testing to offer this one-of-a-kind tool that you will want to wear for hours on end. You can read more testimonials and reviews, I would recommend this review of the X4Labs penis extender here.

It is no one’s decision but yours. Just remember that big penises are not given to everyone, and for some, long, hard work is essential in achieving permanent results. The more comfortable the device, the less it will seem like work, and the more results you will see, quickly, and safely!

So if you are finally serious about having that bigger penis you always wanted, consider trying the best doctor-approved permanent penis stretching treatment on the market. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

A Distinct Advantage

Due to escalating demand for our X4 Penis Stretcher, we are able to provide you with the super comfort strap at no extra charge.

Not only is the X4 Extender the first of its kind in North America, it is made in the USA and endorsed by world renowned physicians, making it truly the King of Extenders. The X4 Extender is now available in the UK from authorised dealers.

Wholesale: If you are interested in selling the X4 Extender please contact us

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